About Us

Material Creative Studio is a collaborative partnership between designers David Graves of Fall River, MA and Meridyth Espindola of Quincy, MA. We both teach at community colleges in Massachusetts and enjoy balancing the digital demands of our design careers with creative hand-making practices. 

We first got to know each other through grad school at Vermont College of Fine Arts's low residency program, where we graduated together with MFA's in Graphic Design in 2018. It was on the long drive back from Vermont after our second semester that the idea to join forces in a collaborative partnership first began. 

With strong ties to the Southcoast, we understand the need for creative design service that caters to local businesses. We saw an opportunity to offer affordable, hands-on creative workshops for the community, and we knew we just had to do something. And so, just a little over two years after that first conversation somewhere on the highway between Massachusetts and Vermont, Material Creative Studio was born!


Meridyth Espindola

Although she lives and works in the Greater Boston area currently, Meridyth is excited to be part of a studio based out of the Southcoast, where she grew up and has strong ties to family and friends. A graphic designer, educator, and visual artist, Meridyth has earned a BFA in Visual Design from UMass Dartmouth and an MFA in Graphic Design from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She currently teaches design software and motion graphics at Bunker Hill Community College and sells select digital and printable works through Minted.com and Espindola Stationery & Design on Etsy. When she's not designing or teaching, Meridyth enjoys experimenting with natural dyes, fiber arts, and textiles. She loves to mix traditional and nontraditional materials and believes that there is always something to be learned by working with our hands.

To learn more about Meridyth and her personal work, visit her website: meridythdiane.com


David Graves

David Graves is a designer, photographer and educator based in Southcoast Massachusetts. He earned BFAs in photography and graphic design from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2011 before working as a designer and creative director in the printing and manufacturing industry. David opened his photography studio in 2012, and in 2014 he began teaching at Bristol Community College (where he first began his design education in the mid 2000s). In 2018 David earned his MFA in graphic design from the Vermont College of Fine Arts (and met Meridyth) and continues to teach at Bristol. He built a studio in his home, where he practices printmaking, photography, paper making, and just about anything that makes a mess and uses his hands.